About us


We have recently opened our traditional Hungarian Restaurant/Cafe/Deli in Lindale.

Having lovely Hungarian dishes on our menu is obvious, because our whole family is originated from Hungary. The head of the family is a Hungarian chef. Listening to our customers opinion and feedback, it was easy to realize how close the Hungarian and New Zealander taste is. In our recipes we use loads of tomato, capsicum, onion, garlic. Not to mention the huge amount of sour cream and paprika that you cannot leave out if you want to cook authentic Hungarian dishes.

We are in a very privileged position when we are getting ready to prepare beef and lamb in our kitchen. In Hungary such high quality of meat is not easily accessible nor affordable.

Here in New Zealand we just walk into the Butcher or order from our meat supplier and we have the best quality meat in our kitchen to cook them accordingly to the traditional recipes.

Come and try our typically Hungarian core menu or daily specials, you will leave satisfied by fulfilling your taste buds.

Looking forward to cooking for you and your friends/family in the near future.